(Update) Faked Fox News Ticker Hack

You may have seen this video, supposedly of a Fox News ticker in New York getting hacked. Well, many people thought this was faked. Fox denied it. The “acting” in the video sounded like scripted acting. And to me, the hacked lettering seemed to blur less even though it was moving faster. It all seemed suspicious.

So I downloaded the video, imported it to final cut, jacked up the whites and mids, and managed to find the frame where I believe a black box was created to put the fake lettering in. Here is a picture showing two consecutive frames at the moment where I believe the editing begins. With my whites and mids turned up so high, I find it remarkably unlikely that anything but artificially created black space would come out that dark. What do you think?

UPDATE: G2geek points out that the news stories on the ticker occurred on May 9th, whereas the video purports to have been made yesterday.


To give perspective, this is how it looks without the whites and mids jacked up:

original shot